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        • 400
        • Patent Value Assessment Tools Competition was held in Beijing.[Particular]

        • 609 Million
        • The Third China Dual-Use Technology Innovation and Application Competition was held in Hunan province.[Particular]

        • 15,000
        • Yangling Grape in Xinji Village of Yangling Demonstration Zone in Shaanxi province was registered as geographical indication (GI) certification trademark.[Particular]

        • Geographical indication products
        • As a column taking "geographical indication products" as main line, "words tell geographical indication products" tries to make readers grasp words in one minute and learn more information deeper into the products centering on one geographical indication product per edition.[Particular]

        • USA Today, Check-in with facial
        • "It is the first time in China to achieve self-service for the whole check-in process," said Mr Zhang, general manager of the ground services department for Spring Airlines, the first airline to adopt the system at Hongqiao airport.[Particular]


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